Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Different Project...

Even though I love to scrap and make cards, I've really never considered myself too "crafty" beyond those things...but I was really challenged this past week, when Ellie's kindergarten class needed to decorate a box for recycling (actually "Terracycling" which takes things that typically aren't recycled like cereal bags, glue containers and candy wrappers---but our school does Terracycling and receives about 2 cents for each item sent in, so they've made it a big classroom project). Anyway...her class decided that they wanted to make a dog, and the teacher asked me to be in charge of making it happen (with all recycled products). This was definitely a challenge...but I have to say, I'm quite happy with the results. And the kids love it! 

So, here's T.C. (stands for Terracycle) the WONDER dog...
he's a sheepdog/mutt!!!

I used newspaper, cardstock scraps, styrofoam plate, plastic lid, toilet paper roll (for tail), soup cans (for feet), and cardboard
 The side view...check out the cut little tail!
Ellie loved the result too!
*Disclaimer-Ellie dressed "Pippi Longstocking" today (we're reading this to her this week).
I'm learning to pick my battles:o)


  1. What a cute dog! Love the comment about your daughter's clothes too. My youngest daughter is also in kindergarten and has several days like that herself. I used to care too much about clothes and hair being picture perfect with my oldest, but now it barely phases me. Either I'm getting wiser or lazy (or both). Ha-ha! :)

  2. Well done, Cara! I'm impressed!