Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Ellie's first day of Kindergarten (I seriously can't believe she's old enough to be going to public school)! When she and I went to the "Sneak Peek" the day before, she was not too excited about this whole kindergarten thing...she was clinging to me for dear life (I even had to be in the photo with her that her teacher took--I'm praying the teacher crops me out of it!!:o))...and had a look of terror in her eyes almost the entire time we were at the school (but it was a little crazy there with so many grade school students and parents and teachers, so I don't really blame her) I was seriously dreading having to drop her off and leave her. BUT Pete actually took the whole day off work and went with us, and talk about a total different girl (he definitely brings "peace" to our little girl---he's such a great daddy!). There were no problems---no fit pitching, no clinging, no look of terror...I was amazed and so glad that he was there to help both Ellie and me through this day!

Here's tear streaks...just smiles. A-MAZ-ING!

Then afterwards when we picked her up, she told us all about her day and she and Pete played "school" (she was the teacher). She also had a little homework assignment that he helped her with too called "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" and these were some of her answers...(so cute!)

My favorite things to do are...swimming, building forts, brushing my dog (oh darn, there for a second I almost thought she was going to say brushing my......teeth).
My favorite color (huh? just like her mama because well, black is "slimming", but for her it's because Loretta (our dog) is black!).
My favorite foods are...bean with bacon soup (truly one of the only "good" things she'll eat;o)).
My favorite time of day is...before bedtime. (well yeah...duh!!:o))
My favorite treats are...apples and granola bars (good answer...although I'd bet she really likes cookies more, just like me, but this is a GREAT answer!;o))
My favorite book is...Dog Fashion (funny, but probably's a picture book of these cute little dogs with outrageous outfits on...where you feel sorry for the dogs who have crazy enough owners to subject them to the humility of wearing crazy ridiculous outfits...but hey, yes, I bought it for her).

Anyway...I really enjoyed reading (and giggling at) her answers.

(Oh, and...wish me luck today dropping her off to school...I'm alone this time, and really hoping it goes as well as yesterday!)

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