Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some HOT Pizza!

A couple days ago, Ellie and I joined Pete and 3 of our friends at Flying Pie Pizzeria for some delicious pizza. Ellie and I were smart enough to stick to good ole pepperoni, but Pete, Justin, Scott and Kristin were crazy enough to go for the Habanero pizza with chicken, garlic and cream cheese (Justin and Pete had been planning this for awhile as Flying Pie only offers their special Habanero pizzas occasionally...and August was one of those months!). 

Ellie and I watched them take their first few bites, then proceed to sweat and down their waters like crazy people:o) (other than Kristin, who I think just might be the toughest of the hats off to you Kristin...I was truly impressed!) Although I must say that I was equally impressed by three young boys and one young girl sitting behind us who were also all eating the Habanero pizza...and they too seemed to fare a little better than the 3 guys at our table...who after downing 5 pieces of pie each looked like they'd just spent 3 hours in a sauna:o)!!!

Justin and Ellie

Pete and Justin's first bites 

Pete after the first bite!

Kristin and Scott

Although looking a bit afraid...
 kudos to Kristin...wish I was half as tough!

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