Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Owl Hat

A few weeks ago our neighbor Kristin brought this hat over for Ellie (she's having a little boy soon and thought she was buying an infant's size, so it was too big but she thought it would fit Ellie). Well, Ellie put that hat on and she wore that thing for 3 days straight....I finally got so tired of looking of it that I told her she really had to take it off (keep in mind some of those days it was in the 70s, and she was sweating, but she still wouldn't take it off). Now that I haven't seen the hat for awhile, I can finally look at these photos and have happy thoughts;). I'm looking forward to doing a scrapbook page entitled "That Da*n Hat!" (just kidding:)) They will make for a cute page...till she sees the page and decides she wants to wear the hat again;). 

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