Monday, June 11, 2012

A Kindergarten Graduation

Ellie had her Kindergarten graduation on June 1st. Can't believe my little girl will be in first grade next year (or that she'll be gone all day long...whatever will I do without my little buddy?). 

She was in a Dual-Language (English/Spanish) class this year. She's a great student, and is really on her way to learning the Spanish language...we're really proud of her!

Here are some photos from her "graduation" day!
Here's her class singing some very cute favorite was "Green Jellybean". That would be her...the tallest one in the back row(?). I actually think she's the tallest one in her class...but I'm thinking it won't be that way for long having Pete and I as parents!;)

Here is Ellie with her teacher Mrs. Conrado. We'll miss Mrs. C next year at Whitney as she will teaching at a new school next year. I really enjoyed volunteering in the classroom a lot this past year, and getting to know her. We wish her the very best and were happy to have her as Ellie's teacher!

And here she is with one of her good friends, Lily. We enjoyed yummy snacks and visiting the other parents. We were lucky that she had a small class (only 11) and were able to get to know a lot of her classmates and their families. Can't wait to see what First Grade brings...

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