Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Trip to Washington (State)

A few weeks ago (right after Ellie finished school), we were able to take a trip to Spokane (WA) to visit my family. We had a great time! Here are some photo highlights:
Ellie with Punky Monkey, Mimi (my mom) and Great-Grandma Jean (Papa Dan's mom) having lunch at Petit Chat

Ellie, Papa Dan, the Turtle they found on their bike ride (yes, we put it back:)), and Larry (the dog)

Ellie and her cousin Bayler (just turned 2--what a cutie!). He's my brother Dusty's little boy.

Ellie and Bayler playing with legos.

Ellie and her cousin Avery playing at cousin Evan's baseball game.
Avery and Evan are my brother Aaron's children.

Eating Doritos (YUM) at Evan's rainy baseball game.

Right before we left to go back to Boise...Ellie had to give Larry a good-bye hug

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