Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Maiden Voyage

A few months ago we bought a vintage (1957) Airstream trailer. Pete's in love...I'm in "like" (because it means I can go camping without sleeping in a tent...but I'm not entirely sure I really like camping that much to begin with;)). So last weekend we set off on our maiden voyage with fellow Airstream Club members (yep, we joined a club already...leave it to Pete to find a club and join it:)).

We set off for Jordan Valley, Oregon on Friday, June 22nd and got back Monday, June 24th. All the other "campers" from the club were living in luxury in their late-model Airstreams...but us? Not so much! With plumbing problems, heat galore and a ton of mosquitoes...our first trip was not entirely what I had envisioned...but the fun (mostly retirees in the "later" stages of life:)) and super friendly and welcoming other members of the WBCCI-Idaho Unit (the fancy name for the Idaho Airstream Club) made it pretty fun despite all those other issues.

Here are some photo highlights from our maiden voyage:

Our new addition...

Ellie (and her incredibly dirty feet) enjoying her new bedroom:)

A cute photo from the campsite

Ellie, Pete and "Punky" Monkey (who also enjoyed the camping trip)

Joe! (the pampered pet of one of the club members---there were lots of dogs, big and small...nice to know the club rallies are dog friendly (Yay for Loretta!)

On Saturday, we headed on a long and bumpy ride (20 miles in about an hour) to Silver City (an old mining town) with the club (this was our first excursion).

The Silver City school house (under renovation)

View from Silver City

Me and Ellie posing...

Ellie and 4 of her new "grandmas" from the Airstream club:)

The beautifully renovated Silver City Catholic Church

Another photo op for me and Ellie at the Hotel in Silver City (only place to eat--and really good food for a place with no electricity:))

On Sunday we all enjoyed rides in Mike Hanley's (the Jordan Valley resident historian) restored stage coaches---pretty awesome!

Pete and Ellie enjoying being "on the top bunk" for a stagecoach ride

Ellie also got to enjoy a ride on one of Mike's horses...she loved it!

The view of our club campsite from Mike Hanley's ranch...we camped on his property

The campsite or the "rally site" (in club speak)...ours would be the small one:)

The official Goedeking family photo for the Airstream Club handbook;)...taken after we got back from camping and had all finally showered (whew!)

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