Friday, September 16, 2011

(Last) Saturday!

Again, it's been's been kinda a crazy week around here (we're watching a friend's little girl all week and I've also been working on my 2nd Design Team projects for Craft Warehouse plus doing a new bible study), so this is the first chance I've had to post.

But I wanted to share some photos with you from Saturday...

We went to Boise's annual "Art in the Park" (a huge arts and craft show) with a group of friends from church. It was really fun, and there were so many cool things to see (most of them out of our price range, but still really fun!). 

I LOVED these bright fun metal flowers...especially the yellow sunflower looking ones!

 Such cool yard art!

 Even though these next two pieces of art aren't exactly my typical style...I think they're really cool. They painted on the back of the glass.

You can't really tell how cool these spin art things are...but they look so cool spinning in the wind.

 Some really cute floral headbands...I mostly took this photo for my friend Kaytie...she thinks she might be able to make something similar. 

 Ditto for these cute floral rings...

I absolutely loved this crocheted owl hat on Ellie (this one was a bit too small, but you get the idea)...however, the $30 price tag was a bit too steep for my budget!

 My friend Candy's little girl Lucy looked adorable in this
cute monkey hat (this is the face I got when I asked her to smile--what a goof!)

 After Art in the Park, Pete, Ellie and I went to our neighbor's outdoor wedding out on a farm near Marsing (about 40 minutes from us). It was a beautiful day! 

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