Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Weinie Winner!!!

Last week, Ellie entered a coloring contest sponsored by Oscar Meyer and our local Albertson's Supermarket. Well...yesterday when we got home from school (I was volunteering all afternoon in her Kindergarten class...that's why I say "we") there was a message on our answering machine saying she had won (in her age group) and to come and get her prize (luckily we're only about 1 minute away from the store, so that part was easy!). So we flew right over and she got this awesome prize pack filled with goodies (see them all below). We're so proud of her!!! 
 Ellie with her prize basket in front of the ultra cool "Weinermobile"!!!

Her winning entry!!!

The prize basket!!

See all the great things that were in it (including the hat she's wearing!).

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  1. AWESOME ELLIE!!!! Congratulations!! Great Job! What a wonderful basket full of goodies! I'm going to have to watch and enter Aden in some coloring contests like that! Good idea Cara!