Monday, October 3, 2011

Ellie's 6th Birthday Weekend

We had a great weekend of celebrating Ellie's birthday! On Friday, she got to celebrate in her classroom...I brought some cupcakes and her teacher, Mrs. Conrado, gave her a special "Feliz Cumpleanos" (Happy Birthday in Spanish since she's in a Dual-Language classroom:o)) crown. She has a sweet little class of only 14 kiddos that I volunteer in at least twice a week. Here are some (not very good) photos...

On Saturday, we had two of Ellie's best friends (Grace and Gabi) come and spend the afternoon with us. I took the girls to a photo session at Target (the photos and a cute frame are their "goodies" from the party!) and then to an indoor play place called "Just Kid'N Around" where there were all sorts of fun things for the 3 girls to do! Then we brought them home for pizza, cake, presents and a movie! It was a fun day!!
Grace, Gabi and Ellie at "Just Kid'N Around"

Ellie and our 18 year old neighbor/friend Courtney (who came with me and was a big help with the girls) were enjoying their mango and peach smoothies!!

The girls in their party hats (Ellie and I made these on Friday--her idea!:o))

The first "dog" cake (dogs are the "It" thing in Ellie's life right now...
well actually, they have been for quite awhile now).

Love this photo!!!

Then on Sunday after church Pete's mom, Carol, (aka "Nanny") came over to celebrate with another cake and more presents. 
The second dog cake...WOW...that's A LOT of frosting!!!

Ellie's wearing the cute new shirt that Courtney got her the day before. And this photo is of one of the many gifts that Ellie opened...a Zooble playset that she had been wanting (it's from my mom and stepdad (aka Mimi and Papa Dan))! She was super excited!!!

Carol's super cute handmade card and gifts for Ellie....which included a "Tangled" cassette for her Leapster and a fun new game by Gamewright called "Match of the Penguins". "Nanny" mostly shops online for gifts, and a few of them hadn't come yet, so Ellie will also be getting a Spanish DVD and some new roller skates (not the blades, but the old-fashioned skates per her request:o)) next weekend.

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