Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Linder Farms Adventure

A couple weeks ago, Pete and I won some admission tickets to a local pumpkin patch/corn maze (a different one than the patch we usually go to). So last night we took Ellie there...we weren't sure we'd be able to go, because it's been so rainy and cold here in Boise, but last night there was no rain! It was really fun (although a little chilly and we didn't plan well, so I ended up giving Ellie my jacket and Pete gave me his and he froze:o) all in the name of keeping his "girls" warm and happy:o))))

First we went on a hay ride and picked out some pumpkins...

Ellie found a gourd, I found a nice little round pumpkin and Pete found a 50 pound giant! (see it on the truck to the back of me)

Then Ellie went on a swing ride that she LOVED!

And then she went on a fun "barrel ride".

Then we checked out the Baby Animal Petting Zoo...where we even got to feed the animals!
Feeding the baby goats!

Pete showing the lambs some love:o)

Look at that adorable piggy face!!

Pete giving the baby donkey some attention (when he wasn't getting the attention he wanted, he got really ornery and started hee-hawing really loudly---sounds like a human baby, huh?).

And here's the young (3 year old) camel...his name's Mojave, and he was super gentle and quite a good "poser" for my photo, don't ya think?

Then we decided to go check out the corn maze...and I realized once again that I have absolutely no sense of direction...thank heavens that Pete does!
Ellie was using the corn cob to pick off kernels so we could find our way back Hansel-and-Gretel style (yeah, it didn't work out so very well!:o))

Pete being goofy!!!

And before we left, we took some last minute photo ops...

It was a fun evening out together!!!

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