Monday, October 10, 2011

Skate Time!

Pete's mom (aka Nanny Carol) got Ellie some roller skates for her birthday, but they hadn't come by her birthday, so she brought them over this weekend, and Ellie was SO excited! I'm still not really sure why she wanted them...other than she said she saw some girl with some cool pink ones?!. soon as she opened them up, she wanted badly to go try them out, and so Nanny and I each took a side and tried to help her, but it was pretty bad...she was like a limp noodle, and seriously all over the place. But later she went out just with Nanny, and it worked much better, and she was doing great...even trying a few times on her own and doing pretty well. And by the 3rd test-run, she was doing awesome (that's when I took these photos). She's still practicing and improving, but I'm amazed and proud that she didn't get super frustrated right away and give up (which in the past has been her typical M.O.). 

So check out these super awesome skates....

And this cute little skater girl....

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