Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Harvest and Halloween Fun!

It's been a few weeks since I've posted...and we've been pretty busy and life's been a little crazy.

Here are a  few photo highlights....

A couple weeks ago (wow, has that much time passed already?) I volunteered to be a chaperone on Ellie's preschool field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and was in charge of this sweet trio of girls...Aviyanah (Avi for short), Ellie and Tillie. Check out those cute little pumpniks (that's what we call little pumpkins!).

Last Tuesday night, my friend Steph (far right) hosted a very fun "Witches Hat" party for a group of her friends...which basically meant we had to wear a witches hat (or a pirates hat?:o)) and she fed us some yummy food, and we got to visit! It was really fun...oh yeah, except for the fact that I look D-U-M ;o) in hats (as can be verified in the above photo---ugh!). Oh well...isn't Steph's little red poodle Jack the cutest thing ever (he's actually "posing").  

See these cool finger cookies Steph she made us...they were actually quite (freakishly!) delicious (the red fingernail is an almond sliver YUM YUM!!). 

Ellie's school sponsored a Trunk R Treat in the school parking lot, so the kids could come "trick or treat "at all the trunks and then go play games too. With much help from our incredibly talented and artistic friend Annie we made even cooler modifications to our last year's design of the  "MONSTER TRUCK" and ended up with this monstrosity this year!! We ended up winning the BEST DECORATED TRUNK award too (pretty cool!)

And this cute litte "Hindian " is Ellie wearing the cute outfit my mom bought her back from a recent trip to India (a new, probably not very politically correct word I made up when I was trying to explain to someone that she was an Indian-but Hindu (as in not a native American)). It was a slip of the tongue, but actually kind describes her might catch on? or not? The fact that the top didn't exactly fit her the best (a bit "bunchy" in places) and that we couldn't figure out the floppy pants (still don't know what those were all about---they had the hugest waist ever and nothing to secure them with---because what we thought was a belt was super short, so we used it in her hair instead:o)) Ingenious right?;o)) So though definitely not perfect in costume with capri leggings and flip flops and unique "headpiece", she still made a mighty cute little something:o).  Way cuter than I ever was as a ghost or a hobo (which I truly think was all I ever was in my 10 or so years of trick or treating;o)).

Well....anyway, I hope you all had a happy harvest, happy fall, Happy Halloween, or whatever you called it. Though personally not a fan of some of the evil, gore and scariness that goes along with Halloween, I  definitely appreciate the family fun aspect of this cooler, beautiful autumn season....such as pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, harvest carnivals, apple cider and hot cocoa, carving pumpkins, decorating with the beautiful white ghost pumpkins, and ummm, I've been known to enjoy candy too. Hope you had a chance to enjoy a few of those things also:o)))).

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