Monday, June 20, 2011

A Birthday Zoo Trip

So what did I do on my birthday? Well, my friend Candy called and invited me and Ellie to join her and her three kids (it was also her youngest's, Lucy, 2nd Birthday!) to the zoo. Since I had missed Ellie's preschool field trip to the zoo, I thought this would be fun...our Zoo Boise has some new attractions like a baby giraffe and a giant anteater! Overall it was a good time...including nice weather (not too cold and not too hot) until Ellie freaked out in the Butterfly exhibit (luckily this was at the very end of our time there)---she just started screaming and saying there were "bugs all over" I had to "excuse me, pardon me" through a huge line of people in the exhibit to get us outta there. BUT the rest of it was pretty fun! Here are some photos...
Mama & Baby Giraffe

Ellie on the Carousel Giraffe

Nate, Lucy (Happy 2nd Birthday!), Gabi & Ellie...all "caged" up!

Me and Ellie enjoying Dippin' Dots for the very first time...
they're pretty yummy (and so fun and colorful too!).

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