Monday, June 6, 2011

We're Now Backyard Chicken Owners!

Pete has wanted chickens ever since he saw my parent's chickens in Spokane. In our old neighborhood, I would have never felt comfortable doing this...but since we've moved into a different neighborhood (not quite "suburbia":o)---and there were already some neighbors a few houses down that had some)...I told him that as soon as he got the kitchen done, he could get some chickens (great motivation, huh?). Well...the kitchen isn't exactly done (some of this is because of me...I'm in charge of sanding and painting the cupboard doors and I need some nice weather to do this cuz I'm doing it outside), but it is pretty close (he says he needs help from our neighbor/friend to finish the last little bit) he decided it was "close enough" and told me he was going to get chicks on Saturday ("not without me, you aren't" I said...I wanted to see what we were getting--I didn't want some sickly looking things!). It's really funny too because in the last month two other neighbors have gotten them too. So now there's 4 homes in our little neighborhood with backyard chickens. not only does Pete have a kitchen to finish...he also has a chicken coop/house to build (he has great plans, but I sure hope it comes to be sooner than later because right now these chicks are living in a "ghetto coop" made of old fencing and window screens that looks like it could easily fall apart if someone pushed too hard).  So...hopefully within the next year we'll start having some fresh eggs! 

Here's a photo (the best one we could get...those little suckers know how to "busta' move"!)
and the names Ellie chose for them below:
The black one is a Black Sex Link/Black Star (Chirpie)
The red one is a Rhode Island Red (Lulu)
The "other" multi colored one you can't really see is an 
Ameraucana (Rosella)

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