Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimming Lessons

This week Ellie started swimming lessons. We've done private lessons at a friend's pool the past two summers, but this summer (since we've moved) we're too far away to do that. So we signed up at a nearby outdoor pool in a class of six kids. We've had a cool, wet spring, so I was really wondering if it was going to work out...but this week has been pretty nice (yesterday was gorgeous!) and because the pool is heated, it's been fine. AND Ellie LOVES going! She loves the pool & loves her teacher (a sweet young girl named Kelsey) it's all good! They go for 2 weeks...Monday through Thursdays at 11:30am (love that time as I'm not a morning person!). We'll also do one more round of them in July too. I'm so glad she's enjoying it so much! 
All bundled up waiting to swim (it wasn't the warmest
day today and she was all wet from the shower!)

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