Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Wedding Cards

We're getting ready to leave tomorrow for a trip (via car this time) to Spokane for a week to visit my family--YAY! And last week my mom told me that they were running low on a few types of cards (the handmade cards that I sell at their jewelry store). So this morning I whipped up a few wedding cards...I think they turned out pretty well! I was struggling for what to mount the embellishments on (I only had flowers, rub-ons, and patterned paper), but then realized that I could use some of the I cut out or punched out quite a few of the pieces from the packaging included with the flowers and rub-ons. What do you think?
From the Bow Tie line from Making Memories

And here's one more Wedding Card to share...
Paper and sticker from Pebbles Inc.
Twine from Paper Trey (I like the way the twine 
turned out...sorta looks like a butterfly, don't you think?)

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  1. Just wanted to comment & say hi! I'm soaking up everything Cara since I can't see you in person. Enjoying all your posts.