Friday, July 15, 2011

A Cute Hat and Another Treasure!

I bought Ellie this way cute new hat this week at Ross (I'm discovering I like that store more and more---it's one of my mom's favorite stores, but I've never cared much for it because the ones I've been to are always so chaotic and messy---but the one closest to us now is smaller and really clean and organized).

Well today, we were at McD's having lunch (as we were out running errands, and she convinced me she would "be good" the whole time if I would take her there:o)) and as we were sitting there I was thinking how cute she looked with her new hat on (I wish I could pull off hats, but I look so weird in them!!!) and so I took my camera out of my purse ('cause I always carry it with me!!:o)) and took her picture. I know, I know...a super lovely place to take a photo of my cutie girl, huh?! Oh well...doesn't she look adorable in her snazzy new hat?!

During our time out running errands I decided to stop by this new shop I saw this week, and even though it was one of the most eclectic, strange (and not an entirely "good" strange) little shops I've ever been to, I did SCORE on this find...
It's not the best photo...but it is an awesome 1940's vintage metal cooler!! It was marked at $40, but I dickered and got it for $30. It's a large cooler and in great shape. We'll use it for backyard parties (or in our vintage Airstream trailer that both Pete and I are currently thinking would be a fabulous thing to have--he's been looking on craigslist for a super deal--I'm thinking it's not gonna happen for awhile, but who knows? Find the right price and maybe! I would love to have something other than a tent to camp in! Not that we've gone camping as a family yet:o), but it could happen if I had an Airstream to sleep in instead of the bumpy ground) Ok...that was sorta random info...sorry! But the cooler's way COOL, huh?

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