Thursday, July 21, 2011

What We've Been Up To This Week...

Why is this my first post this week? Because I've been working on those crazy kitchen cabinet doors all week taking Ellie to swim cleaning up our backyard (this morning---it was looking a little too ghetto for me---Pete's working on about 3 different projects, but he's not one to pick up between, he just sorta leaves stuff and picks it up at the end...well, "the end" was not coming soon enough for me, thus I spent 3 hours this morning "picking up"!). Anyway...the cabinet doors are "almost" done (we should have them up sometime next week--YAY--I am so very excited about this, I can't even explain!!:o) And Ellie is done with swimming lessons for the summer. She took them for 4 weeks, and I think she has really gotten to be a lot better swimmer...especially in these last 2 weeks. Now we'll just have to keep her swimming for the rest of the summer (Nanny Carol...we might be visiting you a lot this next month!).

Here's some photos of Ellie's last day of lessons...they got to PLAY today instead of swim (I'm thinking "really? this is what I paid for?"...but I just kept my mouth shut, because she and her swimmates had a great time!)
My little bathing beauty! Nice pose, huh? She came up with this one all on her own;o)

This one makes me smile...look at that goofy look on her face!

A COOL water feature!

She's been doing a lot of coloring and puzzles while I've been working on the cabinets. She can now put this 100 piece puzzle together in about 15 minutes! She wanted me to show everyone!!!

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