Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daisies, Dominoes & Disaster!

A couple night's ago as I was working on dinner, Ellie comes into the kitchen and brings me this beautiful daisy (she and Pete know daisies are my favorites--Shasta, Gerber, wild, whatever...I just love daisies). But being that she has a habit of picking our neighbor's flowers without permission, that was the first thing that popped into my head...but she beat me to the punch and quickly said "it's ok mom, Rene (one of our neighbors) said it was ok". WHEW!

Yesterday it was HOT outside, so Ellie and I spent the majority of the day indoors. She asked me if I could get out the dominoes because she wanted to "build something". And this is what she did (after about 5 times of knocking them over and having to start all over again---we're talking about A LOT of dominoes too). I so remember doing this as a kid! Brings back sweet memories...
so much fun to knock them over!

In the evening after it cooled off a little, I told Ellie I wanted to do a little photo session with her because I needed some new photos for one of the layouts I want to do for my first Craft Warehouse Design Team assignment. Well, all I have to do is mention that I want to take photos, and she starts freaking out. This girl does NOT like to pose for photos (she does ok for 1 or 2, but then she is d-o-n-e)! Ugh...can you say DISASTER?! That's what this photo session was...and ended up with me being angry at her, and her in tears. I definitely did NOT get the photos I was dreaming of (hardly ever do), but as I down-loaded the photos this morning, I've come up with a "new plan" and will use the photos I have and just try to "embrace the craziness"! I'm going scrapping with a group of friends tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to post the resulting layout this weekend. Stay tuned...

Here's one of the photos...
and this pretty much says it all!


  1. It's still going to be a great layout. That disaster photo is priceless! Loved reading through a few posts now that I'm back from vacation. Talk to you soon!

  2. Hahahaha. Maybe Ellie spent too much time with Timmy when they were younger?!!

  3. This photo IS priceless and I've totally been there with my own kids and taking photos. :)