Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fun Getaway

My little family snuck away for a week to go visit my family in Spokane, Washington. We had a great trip. The only bad part is the long drive there...it takes us over 9 hours with stops along the way. And we brought Loretta, our black lab, too...so we made more stops than usual. BUT the time there was awesome! Here's some photo highlights...
Ellie fishing on the banks of Mimi and Papa Dan's property
along the Little Spokane River.
Papa Dan got her a pretty pink fishing pole a couple years ago.

Pete fishing (he did catch a 3 inch rainbow trout!:o))
and Loretta thinking about jumping in for the 245th time 
(she absolutely loved being by the river!)

On Tuesday we drove down to Harrington (about an hour away) to visit my Dad and Stepmom (aka "Opa and Oma") and Ellie got to enjoy some time riding her favorite horse, Jazz (he's such a sweet horse and Ellie adores him!).

The old red barn...looking a little worse for wear.
I lived on the ranch in Harrington for years and can't tell you how many hours I spent playing in this barn (my dad would make awesome hay forts for me and my brother and our friends to play in).

Ellie and her cousin Bayler, who just turned a year old.
(And the coordinating outfits weren't even planned)

Bayler wearing his two hats!
He is my brother Dusty's and sis-in-law, Alyssa's little boy. 
Such a cutie!

Papa Dan, Ellie and Mimi having dinner
at Pryor's in Otis Orchards (they have the best fried fish ever--
and I don't even like fish!!).

Ellie, Nasty Larry (his name's really Larry, but we call him Nasty too),
and Papa Dan right before heading home.

Ellie and sweet old Annie. She's 16 and most likely won't
be around for our next visit, so Ellie had to give her hot dogs and a
good-bye hug and kiss--she's been such a sweet dog & great
hunting companion and frisbee-dog for Papa Dan over the years.
She will be greatly missed, but as Ellie said "I'm so glad she lived so I could see her one more time and tell her good-bye" (sniff-sniff)

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  1. Great post! So glad you had a wonderful visit! I know "I" enjoyed your visit too! Love the photo of the red barn! Also great header and background for your blog! So creative! B