Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Different Style?

For about the last six months, a struggle has ensued...Ellie and I now officially disagree on her clothing. What she thinks is "stylish" is a bit "far-out" in my world, and what I like is "way uncool" in hers...she actually told me a few weeks ago that she had way more style than I do (I'm afraid she might be right!?). Anyway, I had bought this really cute hat pattern a couple months ago because...well, because I loved it and I thought it was way cuter than the faded pink one she currently wears (Do I sew? Nope...but luckily Ellie has a Mimi who likes to sew!). However, finding fabric to make this hat with has proven to be one of the MOST CHALLENGING things ever. I took 2 trips to Craft Warehouse with her to do this and they both ended....ummm, "not so well". I'd find coordinating fabrics that I thought were wonderful...she would say they were "hideous" (apparently one of her new favorite words) and then go and pick out 2 (we needed five) fabrics that (in my world) totally clashed and insist that we could make the hat with just those two. UGH!  

So a few weeks ago I was out shopping with my friends Annie and Kaytie...they wanted to take me to this new craft store they found in Hyde Park, called Twigs and Twist...and I found the cutest coordinating fabrics that would be perfect for the hat. My dilemma? I knew that if I loved them, Ellie would dub them "hideous". I was about ready to nix the whole idea, when Annie shared an idea..."just tell her that Kaytie and I picked them out"...and I thought perfect (and I'll add in that I think they're "hideous"). Now yes...this would officially constitute lying to my child and I would normally disagree with this whole-heartedly, but I thought maybe (just maybe) that God (and Pete) would forgive me in this circumstance...and frankly, I was at my wit's end...and I spent $7 on this pattern (when I'm usually so cheap I won't spend more than $1) and by-golly I was gonna USE it! So, I got the fabric, brought it home...told Ellie I thought it was hideous, but Annie and Kaytie picked it out for her...and without any hesitation she says "I LOVE IT MOM--it is so cute!!". (uh yeah...I know it is!) So...maybe, just maybe...I do have still have some STYLE!

So...I wanted to share this cute fabric and pattern with you (Mimi, this is headed your way...). Wouldn't this fabric make great patterned paper too?

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