Sunday, May 29, 2011

God is So Good!

I haven't had a chance to share this with too many people...but I really want to because it's so cool! Last fall when we decided that we were going to be part of the church plant in Boise, we were a little worried about finding good renters for our home in Meridian (but God had plans!). So, I put out a prayer request to my "prayer warriors" (a group of awesome ladies who were praying for me and my family during this transition) about praying for good renters...and VERY soon after I sent out that email, one of them (my good friend Vonda, who had recently moved to Iowa) called me and said she had a friend from high school (who she kept in touch with via Facebook) whose family was moving to our area, and actually had looked at another home in our sub-division. So I contacted this gal, and ended up sending her photos of our home. Within a couple hours, she called me back and said they wanted to rent our home (really, I said, even though you haven't seen it in person?....YES!). So the Work Family (Phil, Jennifer, Autumn and Summer) have rented our home from us since September and have been great renters! BUT we found out earlier this month that Phil was offered a promotion and would be moving to California (even though I was excited for Phil, I'll just say I was more than a little disappointed about losing them as renters and having to find someone new!). BUT God had plans

With much trepidation, I listed our home on Craigslist...and apparently this is a crazy rental market right now because within the next couple days, we got so many phone calls (one of them from a nice gal named Shelly). Pete and I started praying that God would lead us to the right renters because so many people were interested, and we wanted to make the right decision. After seeing the house twice (thank you Jennifer for showing it!)...Shelly and her husband Keith wanted to meet with us and start the application process. That evening when we met with them, Shelly said "So who do you know who has kids at Cole Valley?" (she had mentioned during an earlier phone call that her son Jacob went to Cole Valley (a private Christian school in the area) and I had told her that I had a lot of friends with kids there). As I went through my list...they knew every one. Then as we continued talking...I found out that Shelly really enjoyed working in the yard (this was something that I had really been praying to God for...silly as it may seem, this was something that I knew would bless that neighborhood too, as there are quite a few older people there who take excellent care of their yards and have beautiful flowers, etc---this was never a huge strength of my own). Plus Shelly admitted that she might be considered a bit anal about her house (Jennifer had said the same thing)...and ummm, I've been known to be that way... "just a little". So...I made Pete swing by their current home (much to his embarrassment...) and their yard is gorgeous!! The next day I called references, etc (even though I knew they'd all be great...but I had to be "responsible":o)). So...can I tell you how excited we are to have the Booker family as our next renters! God had plans for us...and our home. He has been such an amazing provider for us, especially during this hard time of transition! HE is sooooo good!!!!
Our Meridian house

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