Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ellie's Great School News!

So back in August we moved across town (well, really from a different town...Meridian) to help start a church plant on the Boise Bench with five other families (it has been quite an awesome adventure!). With the move, we decided to still drive the 30 minutes twice a week to take Ellie to the same preschool she had attended the year before because she loved the teachers (my friends Erica and JoLynn, who I must say are awesome!) and would have some of the same classmates. 

But we knew we'd have to make the decision on what to do with kindergarten for this coming school year (2011-12). Boise School District has open enrollment (meaning if you want to go to a school outside of your district, you can apply to get into a lottery and if your child is lucky enough to be chosen, you're in). So, with God's guidance, we decided that we would try to get her into the Dual-Language class (half English-half Spanish) at Whitney Elementary. We felt like this would be an awesome opportunity for Ellie to continue on with the Spanish she has already been learning in her preschool, as well as an awesome ministry opportunity for her in the future (and this is the school where half of our families kids attend...and at our "district school" she would have been all alone). We figured that if God really wanted her there then she would get in, and if not that would be ok too.

Well...today I just got a call from the secretary at Whitney saying Ellie got chosen in the lottery for the Dual Language class-YAY!!! We're super excited (and so is she...especially to be at a school where she knows quite a few other kids) and we can't wait to see what God has in store for our amazing little girl at this school. 

Ellie, upon hearing the GREAT news!

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